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Dormouse records collected under a Natural England class survey Licence should be recorded here and do not need to be reported separately to Natural England. Holders of 'mitigation' (i.e. development related) and personal or project 'science & conservation' licence users are strongly encouraged to report dormice records through this database (these licence users must also satisfy Natural England's reporting requirements specified in their licence as these data are needed for compliance checks and European Union reporting).

Your personal contact details will only be used to verify your records or by Natural England to confirm use of your licence. If you would like to receive updates from PTES you can sign up to our e-newsletter on our homepage

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2. Dormouse records

Please complete a record for each site or date (please include information for NIL returns)

Needs to be six figures with no spaces, e.g. XX123456

If yes, please also submit full details via the NDMP area


Please add a new record for each visit date at a previously recorded site and for each new site surveyed.