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Dormouse monitoring

Welcome to the website for the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme (NDMP) and the National Dormouse Database (NDD). It is now possible to enter data records online under both these monitoring schemes, as well as for reporting requirements under Natural England dormouse licences.

If you regularly monitor dormouse nest boxes at a site please submit your data to the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme by clicking on the NDMP tab above. If you are not yet registered with us as an NDMP monitor, or wish to set up a new site at which you can install nest boxes and visit at least twice a year (May/June and Sept/Oct), then please contact or call 020 7498 4533. Contributors to the dataset receive a copy of 'The Dormouse Monitor' newsletter twice a year, which contains results of analyses along with other articles of relevance, and you can also sign up to an online dormouse discussion forum. The Dormouse Monitor is also available here.

Have you seen a dormouse, found a dormouse nest or have a found a hazel nut that's been chewed by a dormouse? Are you currently surveying an area on behalf of a developer and have several one-off records to submit? To increase our knowledge of the distribution and abundance of dormice, please enter these details in the National Dormouse Database by clicking on the NDD tab above.

If you have a Natural England dormouse licence and need to submit your annual return data please click on the Licence Return Data tab. Please note that if the data are for an NDMP site then the more detailed data also needs to be submitted to the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme via the NDMP tab, however only one licence holder per site needs to do this.

For further information on the NDMP or to download survey forms and guidelines please click here